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Lineage II Certus

Post  Damrok on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:53 am

www l2-certus com

New INTERLUDE server started 3rd september 2010.

XP: 5x
SP: 5x
Item Drop Rate: 5x
Adena: 5x
Spoil chance: 5x
Quest Adena: 5x
Quest XP/SP: 5x

General Informations :
* Dualbox: Allowed+OfflineShop
* Full Interlude OFF Server Supported
* Rate : ~XP : 5x
* Fully working Interlude skills
* Fully retail like skills
* Fully working clan system (Academy/Sub units/Clan Skills/Reputation Points)
* Debuff bar working.
* +6 Enchanted set effects
* Offline shopping system
* No deleveling bug
* Bugless geodata
* Active staff
* Castle benefits system
* Item reuse system (prevents item reuse reset after relogging)
* Skill reuse system (prevents skill reuse reset after relogging)
* Custom client/server side protection system checking client version and preventing dualboxing and hacking

Quests :

* Quest for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class
* Interlude quest slots
* For the rest of the quest you have to do it yourself

Olympiad Informations :

* Interlude OFF Olympiad system
* The olympiad period is 1 month
* Olympiad is from 20:00 to 00:00 GMT+1 everyday
* You need 9 match and 1 wins to be eligible to hero
* The reuse of the skill is reseted after each olympiad match so you are abble to sign in again instantly and not wait for 1 hours for the skill reuse like on the others server
* You can check the hero and olympiad period

Buffs Informations :
* 24 Buff and 10 additional debuff slots
* All buff’s are with retail duration

www l2-certus com


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