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Prove your Existance!

Post  ExiOn on Tue May 25, 2010 3:57 pm

Dear friends, our server exi-on(dot)com conducts an extensive advertising campaign to attract best clans and players to our server. Only here you will find worthy competition!
By this advertising message, we don’t encourage you to leave your server, but only wants to offer you an alternative in case if you’re tired of the boring ordinary servers and wants to find something new and interesting. We will be glad to see you here!

Our server based on close-to-retail Gracia Final files (not l2j).
It’s located in the German data center Hetzner, which provides high quality service, including a stable high-speed Internet and hardware that can withstand any capacity.

Our server uses an unique donation system - Exi-money. Donation system’s made firstly to catch up with old players nor to receive great benefits. It also provides the convenience and safety to your investments. Another important factor is the fact that exi-money’re in free circulation on the server and any player could easily get them.
And now closer to our news:

We’re very glad to inform you about the upcoming opening of the new x200 server in the very first days of June. Be sure you’ll never get bored here even for a second! Notable features of this server is that it is built with the expectation of bringing joy to all “sectors” of the players. Whether you're a beginner or a player with high experience, prefer to spend a couple of hours per day for lineage 2 or to spend most of your life in the world of Aden, a “lone wolf” or a member of a large clan – be sure you will find yourself on our server. Speaking about the features:
Rates: x200 - experience \ sp \ drop \ Adena \ Spoil \ quests.
Simplified important quests such as Sub-class and Noblesse.
Engaging key locations for loot distribution of the important items such as talismans, stones and crystals attributes, belts, bracelets etc.
NPC-buff which includes only second class skills with an incomplete effect. That will help our players with farm and both will not leave support classes without a job.
And much more interesting features.

Feel free to ask your questions here or in ICQ 359-751-321


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